Planning documents

A Scoping Report has already been prepared as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process for the IAMP. You can view the Scoping Report by clicking here.

The Secretary of State issued a Scoping Opinion in response to the Scoping Report. You can view the Scoping Opinion by clicking here.

We have published a set of documents that will provide detailed information about the IAMP and help you respond to the consultation. You can view these documents by clicking here. These include: 

  • Preliminary Environmental Information - A technical report that looks at the likely environmental impacts of the development and how we plan to manage these.  This includes considerations such as transport, landscaping, local wildlife and air quality.
  • A draft masterplan - A visual plan of how the site could be used showing buildings, a planned road network and areas of green open space.
  • A Consultation Summary Document - An easy-to-understand document that provides a general overview of the IAMP and our technical studies so far.
  • Event materials - Information boards, maps and diagrams will be available at the consultation events and online.